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Free Music Lesson Plans [PDF]
  • Conductor Self Preparation and Rehearsal - A six-part lesson plan in PDF. Sections include:
    Intro: Conductor self-preparation
    1. Rehearsal Startup and Flow
    2. Tuning and Warm Up
    3. Rehearsing the Music
    4. Physical Changes
    5. Ending Your Rehearsal

Music Education Podcasts
Educational Presentations (PDF)
Music Resources on the Web
  • Classical Music - Provides links to composer history and bios, performers, and music. Download music, find music in various styles, get interesting profiles of composers and performers.
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra - Boston Symphony orchestra website
  • International Society of Bassists - Link to International Society of Bassists website
  • Romantic Movies - provides information about romantic movie soundtracks (listen, purchase, research)
  • Custom Chamber Music - At this site you can tell them what type of chamber music you need,instrumentation, style, title, and they will write it for you.
  • - This link provides detailed listing of sources for music around the world as well as links to orchestras, conservatories, competitions, and a wide assortment of world wide music links:
  • Wind Ensemble Repertoire - A listing of wind ensemble repertoire by title and composer
Links For Midi Files:
Links To Sources For Ethnic Music And Its History:
  • Africlassical - Here you will meet 52 composers, conductors and instrumental performers - Africans, African Americans and Afro-Europeans. Many are alive today, but one lived 500 years ago! These artists are unknown to most of us, yet are so numerous this site can present only a fraction of them. They have made enduring contributions to Classical Music. Several have composed, conducted and performed Classical Music.
  • Composers of African Descent - Presented at the 2012 ASTA Conference, this presentation provides information about and audio samples of the muss of some of the most influential yet forgotten Afro-French, Afro-English, and AFro-American composers.
  • African American Music -
  • - African American Musicians - Provides a resource of African American music, musicians, history
Links To Alternative Styles For Strings:
Additional Music Sites Of Interest:
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